Welcome to the Beautiful Muslimah Project ! It's Monday again, and time to talk about being the beautiful Muslimah that you are. Last week I talked about filters and the filters that we have around ourselves, the filters we have around people and situations. What I want to do now is LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE'S FILTERS about us, how they're affecting us and how we're allowing that to affect us by not understanding what could be going on. So if you haven't watched last week's episode, do go back. It will probably make more sense to what we're gonna talk about this week.

When we talk about filters, it's the things that we've experienced or other people have experienced in general that have left them with a kind of filter with which they look through their now new experiences. So instead of seeing each new experience as it is--a brand new experience -- they see it as a continuation or a like situation of something from the past. It could have been attributing to what's happening now or to something that we've experienced before.