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"The worst enemy you could ever have in life is yourself. I found it hard to love myself and blamed everyone around me for everything that was wrong in my life. When I joined Kathryn, I learnt and began to under- stand [that] feelings come from thought in the moment. I realised how much power I had within myself. This new understanding has given me a new lens to see my life with. I am in a place of peace – from darkness into light – in tune with the reality of how things really are as I continue to learn and understand deeper and see life with more clarity. You can really be peaceful inside out."

- Sajida, Ireland

Peaceful Parenting Academy

"Wow! This course was so much more than just a parenting course! It has touched each and every aspect of my life; it has completely transformed my relationship with my son and the people close to me, but what is even more astonishing is that I have also been transformed."

- Ameenah, Australia

6 Figure Business Coaching For Muslim Women

“What I have learned from Kathryn Jones in regards to sales and sharing my work with a potential client is pure gold! Now when I get to the end of my conversation they cannot wait to talk to me again and hear about my programs and my prices. They are so full of optimism and they know I can help them and I feel so grateful I have given them an opening to feel that change they are looking for is within reach. Of course, in order for me to stay in business I have to charge for my services and with Kathryn’s approach, I don’t even feel like I am doing a sales call. I recommend everyone that is selling a product or service learn Kathryn’s model.”

- Estela Rodriguez Jebril, Founder of Spiral Up Connections

Laser Business Coaching

"I had so many ideas, Kathryn helped me decide on what ideas to pursue. She helped me get motivated and move consistently forward in my business with clarity. I am now able to push through my fears and procrastinations. She broke everything down into manageable steps that weren't overwhelming. It was so helpful to be able to come back to Kathryn when I had questions or felt myself getting overwhelmed with the process. Working with Kathryn, I have definitely achieved so much more than I have done before in my business."

- Nobera Chowdhury, Co-Author of Burnout to Bliss, Life Coach & Counsellor

Launch Your Legacy Online

"I was looking for support to get myself ready for the summit and had no idea where to start and what to do. Being in the Mastermind was helpful because it was a community of like minded amazing women. Kathryn was great at keeping up the momentum. The best part of working with Kathryn for me was her amazing capacity for new ideas and ways for me to move forward. She has a lovely supportive manner and I am very glad to have met her and to be able to still call upon her from time to time."

- Raha H Farnsworth, Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing Coach

Launch Your Legacy Online

"One of the biggest area I was struggling with was how to use Facebook to promote my business. Kathryn explained in a simple but effective way how to connect and engage with potential clients. Working with Kathryn has been an amazing experience and has really helped me not only to discover the secrets to Facebook marketing but increase my confidence in using the invaluable tools to getting more clients and taking my business to the next level. "

- Robina Kauser, Inside-Out Relationship Coach

Launch Your Legacy Online

"Sis Kathryn Jones is an excellent FB online marketing coach. Very experienced. Has helped create many personal brands online to help others and offer services to a wide audience. In less than 6 months i learnt and put in to practice a lot of FB marketing strategies including building a successful FB group, FB page, personal brand, creating effective landing pages, building courses, copy writing, how to launch and produce online summits, challenges, attracting new leads."

- Zahra Parveen, Spiritual Muslimah Coach

Master Your Emotions From The Inside Out

"I think this program has been a day to day journey sent to me from Allah Subhanna wa ta'ala with insightful blessings everyday. It has really helped me see and feel that feelings come from thought in the moment from many different angles and reminders. Alhamdulillah. Everything good is from Allah. Barakalafeik Kathryn Jones for delivering these messages to us in such a profound way that has really helped me see more into myself."

- Zaina Oum Chouaib, Serene Lifestyle Coach

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"This understanding has increased my self-awareness and has improved all my relationships. I am more tolerant and compassionate towards others (especially my husband). I have acquired flexibility when it comes to understanding other people. I have been able to forgive and forget difficult past issues I had with people."

- Romy, Australia

Peaceful Parenting Academy

"Since parenting in this way I have been in tune and connected with my son. I have been blessed with this knowledge since he was just a few months old. It has made our family more connected and peaceful. "

- Daniela, Australia

Step Up - The Book

"I have just finished Step Up. I feel humbled, hopeful and connected. It is beautiful. It is everything the universities don’t have and more. It’s stunning, radiant, exhilarating, profound, and contains so much of what I’ve been searching for all my life. May Allah help more women to tap into their inner wisdom, intuition and strength that God has blessed us all with, with this insightful, vulnerable, and truly compassionate book."

- Janine Allison Hood, Australia

Business Coaching

- Rayesa, USA

- Barbara, Germany